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Today, personal media are combining with mass media to forge a new landscape of participation. Digital Citizen’s mission is to help Americans gain a place, as citizens, among the experts, leaders and pundits who take part in public policy dialogue.

RealDialogues 1: Introducing Work & Wages

This short video introduces people whose lives span the range of the working world – employers  and employees, retirees and unemployed. They met twice via google hangout to talk about work, wages and the minimum wage. Click one of the links at the end of the story to see other episodes.

Is there a role for citizens in our new media environment?

Check out the Blog and Projects pages on this site, which detail how we are achieving our goals. And visit the Archives for an overview of our history of innovations in connectivity.


The Digital Citizen Initiative was created to provide a bridge between social engagement and mass media, expanding participatory democracy for the digital age.

 Everyone is invited!
When the competition was over, we had 24 entries, two citizen reporters, 71,000 page views, 2200 votes, plus thousands of Tweets and Facebook "likes."









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